Advancing Australia’s transition to a ‘greener’ plastic future

There is unprecedented growth in demand for bioderived and biodegradable materials. We will capitalise on our abundant natural bioresources to drive advances in technology for the development of bioplastic and biocomposite products for the new bioeconomy.

Our vision is to perform leading edge research with a holistic focus and to develop industry-ready specialists to underpin Australia’s transition to a globally significant bioplastics and biocomposites industry.

Where does plastic go?

Where all of the plastics produced in 2015 will be by the year 2035 if there is no change to the way we produce, use and dispose of plastics.

Who we are

At our first face to face meeting we asked ourselves what kind of Centre we wanted to be part of – this is what we came up with.

News and Events

What a fantastic way to end the year! Many thanks to our Centre for Bioplastics members for coming to our planning day, with special thanks to our PIs Peter Brisbane, Manuel Brunner and Katie Macintosh for travelling to Brisbane. We are set for an amaxing 2023 #ARC ITRP #UQ #QUT


Congratulations to #QUT CIs Ian O'Hara and Marguerite Renouf for their recent JA in Resources, Conservation and Recycling addressing food loss and waste management using SeqFLoW, a tool that complements existing FLW decision tools

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Our Partners

The ARC Industrial Transformation Training Centre for Bioplastics and Biocomposites is funded by the Australian Government through the Industrial Transformation Research Program (ITRP) for Training Centres (ITTC).